Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

We are a boutique firm with a substantial focus in all areas of Real Estate law. We regularly assist homeowners, investors, and real estate professionals, as well as sellers and buyers of residential and commercial real estate, with their legal and transactional matters. For individual clients, real estate transactions are often the single most important investment in their lives, and we make sure to treat every transaction with that importance in mind.

We are proud to have helped hundreds of California homeowners with saving their homes from foreclosure and aggressive creditors.  We have successfully obtained numerous loan modifications for our clients, and obtained settlements relieving millions of dollars of debt for second mortgages and other liens. We frequently assist clients with foreclosure defense, and have successfully stopped over 1000 foreclosure sales since our firm's inception in 2010. 

In addition, we have successfully represented numerous real estate purchasers in recovering damages for nondisclosures, misrepresentations, and fraud in the sale process. Often times, sellers of real property in California do not disclose known or suspected issues such as permit or code violations, mold or other similar dangers, pest issues, neighbor disputes or nuisances, and defects with the property. We help homeowners to right these wrongs, and to ensure that the buyer obtains the benefit that they should when purchasing a new house or property.

Contact managing attorney Andrew A. Moher directly via EMAIL for a free consultation or with any questions regarding our services. We look forward to helping you with your real estate issues and questions.

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