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Simply Fabulous

This was my first time filing for BK Chpt 7 , and I was a bit afraid about going through this process. But, I would have to say Andrew A Moher has made this the an easy process for me to go through. Any time that I needed help with understanding something he would get back to me with a quick responses and I liked that. He was very polite and productive. I live in San Jose and he is in San Diego and still decided to take my case for me. All communication we had was over email and I was good with that. I would HIGHLY recommend him to any of my friends who need a lawyer. Thank you so much for everything Andrew.

- (5 star review)

Tax Relief Questions

Andrew really knows his business. He gave clear concise information that allowed my wife and I to make an informed decisions about our tax issue. He was a great help to us! Well recommended!!

- (5 star review)

Peer Endorsement

I have worked with Andrew on a number of cases and I am consistently impressed by his expertise and investment in client relationships. Andrew is dedicated to his clients’ best interests – crafting ethical, creative solutions that suit their needs. Andrew is the consummate professional.

Peer Endorsement

Andrew is an incredible attorney. He knows the law extremely well, knows how to get clients out of trouble quick, without excessive legal fees and is a caring individual. I’ve worked with him on numerous cases and he amazes me on all of them. Great attorney to have in your pocket.

Great Care and Service

I recently used Mr. Moher’s services and I could not ask for better. I was unsure of how the process of bankruptcy would work and he made me feel at ease from the first time I spoke with him. I would recommend his services to anyone who may be in the same situation. He would answer email and phone calls and will work to resolve any issues that came up. He did more than expected and exceeded my expectations from start to finish. A professional is what you want to have on your side and that is what you get.

A Wonderful Experience

We recently filed with the Law offices of Andrew Moher and had a wonderful experience. Him and his staff were very helpful with our unique case. Andrew himself would answer ALL questions we had and was very polite at doing so. I would recommend if you need to go through this life changing event he would be the person to choose. As busy as lawyers are I always got responses back from him with in a day sometimes even hours.

Upfront, Honest Attorney

I had the pleasure of working with Andrew in the fall of 2010. Andrew was upfront, honest and there for me to answer all of my questions throughout the bankruptcy process. I recommend the offices of Andrew Moher for anyone faced with the difficult reality of filing bankruptcy.

Amazing Job

Andrew did an amazing job guiding us to a successful BK after a long battle with banks. Andrew continues to assist me 14 months later with additional questions that does not even pertain to the previous case. I can’t thank the team enough.

Andrew A Moher saved my home like a Superhero!

The day I first spoke to Andrew Moher I was panicked and the most stressed out I have even been in my life. Andrew understood my situation and calmed me down by explaining my options. It was the luckiest phone call in my life. In 2010 I was in a horrible home loan, receiving countless letters and phone calls from debtors and the bank, and I could not of imagined that I would be sitting here in my home today with bills paid and my mortgage paid up to date!

Andrew practically held my shaking hand through the process and never gave up on helping me get qualified for the Obama Making Homes Affordable Loan. I had already been denied twice but with Andrew’s help I was approved on the third try. He helped me navigate through the process and it simply would not have happened without him.
I am so thankful and I encourage anyone who is in a similar situation to give Andrew a call because he really cares and has a demeanor that works well with those of us who are stressed out of their minds with debt and home loan problems. He is knowledgeable, dependable, honest, patient and understanding. There’s no place better than home sweet home thanks to Andrew Moher.

- (5 star review)

Great Service

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! I couldn’t have asked for a smoother transaction and a more responsive Lawyer (and staff) than Mr. Moher. Very professional and he responded to every question, whether it was at night or on the weekend. He lead me step by step and made sure I knew what was next. I highly recommend his services. Thanks to Mr. Moher and his staff, I am free of my debt and already rebuilding my credit.

- (5 star review)

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