Real Estate

At the Moher Law Group, our primary focus is on resolving real estate disputes and issues, including foreclosure, transactional disputes, purchase and sale agreements, nondisclosure and fraud cases, and general real estate litigation.

Our firm has successfully represented a diverse group of real estate clients. In 2013, Mr. Moher successfully represented a Riverside County real estate investor and obtained a $2.4 million judgment on his behalf for breach of contract and fraud. In 2017, Mr. Moher negotiated a workout agreement with a private investor, allowing his client to save seven properties that were facing imminent foreclosure. Mr. Moher often works directly with clients to assist with resolving foreclosure, purchasing or selling homes, or obtaining compensation for nondisclosure or fraud during real estate purchases.

Our firm also frequently assists clients who have purchased properties and later realize that important information was misrepresented to them or not properly disclosed, such as mold, leaks, structural issues, permit issues, or other incorrect disclosures.

We would be happy to discuss your real estate situation, questions, and solutions at any time. Please contact our firm today.