Foreclosure Defense

Facing foreclosure can be a scary and intimidating process anywhere, but this is especially true in California. The non-judicial foreclosure process often leaves homeowners at the mercy of the banks, many of which have made questionable foreclosure decisions in the past, and seem to be blind to helping homeowner’s stay in their homes through a fair and consistent practice of modifying loans or assisting clients. Equally scary are the dishonest and unethical loan modification “companies” and lawyers who make promises they know they can’t keep, breaking California laws on charging upfront money for foreclosure relief, and offering to compile securitization audits and file frivolous lawsuits that serve to make the situation worse and usually result in the loss of the home.

Call our offices anytime for a free consultation on your options while facing foreclosure. Foreclosure law is a complex mix of real estate, finance, bankruptcy, tax, and landlord-tenant law, and the homeowner should understand all the information to make an informed decision. Various legal options while facing foreclosure include: loan modification, chapter 13 bankruptcy, loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, legal action against the bank (only under very specific circumstances), and various repayment options worked out with the bank. We guarantee to always be honest with you and not push inaccuracies about loan modifications or lawsuits against the bank, both of which are sometimes not options but are the trademark sales pitch of unethical firms in California without the homeowner’s best interest at heart. Our promise is that you will be informed on your true options after our consultation, and be able to make a decision that best fits your goals.

Contact us today to discuss your situation. We have helped hundreds of California homeowners stay in their homes and are always available to discuss your questions on foreclosure.